ALX Proposal 2018 - Phase 1 Application

ALX awards grants for almost any course at The Ohio State University–from small seminars to large, multi-section general education courses.

What’s required?

ALX grant winning projects must provide significant cost savings to students at Ohio State, and most projects utilize open education resources to meet that goal. Some faculty choose to author course materials from scratch or adopt existing OERs, like open textbooks. Others rely on library resources like books on reserve and subscriptions, and many utilize Carmen for delivery.

Most employ a combination of these tactics. ALX works with instructors to develop an approach based on the instructor’s needs and objectives for the course. We connect faculty with course design guidance, technical experts, tools and training to accomplish their goals.

What are the grant awards available?

In the first three cohorts, grant award levels ranged from $1,000-$24,000. Some factors that impact award amounts are project complexity, support needs and overall impact to students.

The Phase 1 application initiates the conversation to understand the instructor’s needs in terms of support – financial and otherwise. Successful Phase 1 proposals will carefully consider impact to students – both in terms of money saved and classroom experience.

Applicants chosen to move on to Phase 2 of the application process will be asked to think more about details including deliverables, timeline and budget requirements. Applicants will be offered guidance from ALX partners to envision those changes.

Phase 1 applications are due Wednesday, September 12.

Visit the ALX Case Studies page to see examples of previous ALX grant-funded projects.

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