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Accounting & Management Information SystemsACCTMIS 3200 Financial Accounting I*Courseware$147.50$60.00$87.50
 ACCTMIS 3300 Cost Accounting*Courseware$99.99$79.99$20.00
 ACCTMIS 3600 Introduction To Accounting Information Systems*Courseware$326.65$53.99$272.66
Agricultural, Environmental, and Development EconomicsAEDECON 2001 Principles Of Food And Resource Economics*Courseware$130.00$69.00$61.00
 AEDECON 3102 Principles Of Agribusiness MarketingCourseware$84.99$59.99$25.00
 AEDECON 4106 Strategic ManagementeText$123.00$35.00$88.00
Aeronautical and Astronautical EngineeringAEROENG 2200 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering I eText$231.36$35.00$196.36
 AEROENG 3560 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics eText$228.96$35.00$193.96
AnatomyANATOMY 2220 Human Structure and Function for EngineersCourseware$119.99$64.97$55.02
AnthropologyANTHROP 2200 Introduction To Physical Anthropology*Courseware$65.00$51.00$14.00
 ANTHROP 2201 Introduction to Archaeology*eText$81.25$35.00$46.25
Art EducationARTEDUC 2367.03 Criticizing TelevisioneText$66.00$26.40$39.60
AstronomyASTRON 1143 Cosmology: History of the Universe*eText$83.13$44.00$39.13
BiochemistryBIOCHEM 2210 Elements of BiochemistryCourseware$119.99$64.97$55.02
 BIOCHEM 4511 Introduction To Biological Chemistry (Columbus and Marion)Courseware$119.99$64.97$55.02
 BIOCHEM 5613 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology IeText$295.99$40.00$255.99
 BIOCHEM 5614 Masters BiochemistryeText$295.99$40.00$255.99
BiologyBIOLOGY 1101 Introductory Biology (Marion)eText$233.32$38.99$194.33
 BIOLOGY 1102 Human Biology (Marion)eText$213.32$38.99$174.33
 BIOLOGY 1110 Biology for the Health SciencesCourseware and eText$124.60$92.60$32.00
Biomedical EngineeringBIOMEDE 4901 Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design I*eText$98.95$25.49$73.46
Business FinanceBUSFIN 3120 Foundations of FinanceCourseware$119.99$79.99$40.00
 BUSFIN 3220 Business FinanceCourseware$140.00$89.25$50.75
 BUSFIN 3300 Introduction To Insurance And RiskCourseware$85.53$53.99$31.54
 BUSFIN 4221 Investments*eText$164.00$35.00$129.00
 BUSFIN 4250 Global FinanceCourseware$140.00$89.25$50.75
 BUSFIN 4255 Global FinanceCourseware$140.00$55.00$85.00
Business ManagementBUSMGT 3130 Foundations of Operations Management*Courseware$130.00$60.00$70.00
 BUSMGT 3230 Introduction to Operations Management: Improving Competitiveness in OrganizationsCourseware$130.00$60.00$70.00
 BUSMGT 4234 Service Operations*Courseware$130.00$60.00$70.00
 BUSMGT 7242 Six Sigma Principles*eText$123.95$26.24$97.71
Business Management and Human ResourcesBUSMHR 2000 Introduction to International Business (Bellner)Courseware$110.00$59.99$50.01
 BUSMHR 2500 EntrepreneurshipCourseware$125.00$50.00$75.00
 BUSMHR 3100 Foundations of Management and Human ResourcesCourseware$125.00$50.00$75.00
 BUSMHR 4323 Human Resource Practices and the LaweText$249.95$71.99$177.96
 BUSMHR 4326 Compensation and Benefits AdministrationCourseware$125.00$50.00$75.00
 BUSMHR 4490 Strategic ManagementCourseware$125.00$50.00$75.00
Business Marketing and LogisticsBUSML 3150 Foundations of MarketingCourseware$125.00$50.00$75.00
 BUSML 3250 Principles of MarketingCourseware$125.00$50.00$75.00
 BUSML 4201 Consumer BehaviorCourseware$100.00$52.50$47.50
 BUSML 4251 Retail ManagementCourseware$125.00$50.00$75.00
 BUSML 4254 International MarketingCourseware$84.99$59.99$25.00
Business TechnologyBUSTEC 2241T Small Business ManagementCourseware$110.00$70.13$39.87
Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringCBE 5779 Experimental DesigneText$120.00$94.80$25.20
ChemistryCHEM 1110 Elementary Chemistry (all campuses except Wooster)Courseware$114.99$64.97$50.02
 CHEM 1205 Elementary ChemistryCourseware$119.99$45.00$74.99
 CHEM 1210 General Chemistry I (Columbus)Courseware$119.99$45.00$74.99
 CHEM 1250 General Chemistry for Engineers (Mansfield)eText$179.95$41.62$138.33
 CHEM 1250 General Chemistry for EngineersCourseware$119.99$64.97$55.02
 CHEM 1610 General Chemistry For Majors ICourseware$119.99$45.00$74.99
 CHEM 1910H Honors General Chemistry I Courseware$352.99$105.38$247.61
 CHEM 2210 Analytical Chemistry I: Quantitative AnalysisCourseware$99.99$74.99$25.00
 CHEM 2310 Introductory Organic ChemistryeText$299.95$38.99$260.96
 CHEM 2510 Organic Chemistry I (Columbus)Courseware$99.99$74.99$25.00
CommunicationCOMM 1100 Communication in Society*Courseware$90.00$50.00$40.00
 COMM 1100 Communication in Society (Lima)Courseware$90.00$50.00$40.00
 COMM 1101 History of Communication (Lima)Courseware$90.00$50.00$40.00
 COMM 2110 Principles of Effective Public Speaking (Columbus)eText$228.80$35.00$193.80
 COMM 2110 Principles of Effective Public Speaking (Lima)Courseware$90.00$50.00$40.00
 COMM 2131 Business and Professional SpeakingeText$67.00$35.00$32.00
 COMM 2331 Strategic Communication Principles*eText$312.67$35.00$277.67
Comparative StudiesCOMPSTD 1100 Intro To The Humanities: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (Marion - Oakes)Courseware and eText$100.99$43.35$57.64
Computer ScienceCSE 1114 Introduction To Databases Using MS AccessCourseware$136.00$65.00$71.00
 CSE 2111 Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and DatabasesCourseware$115.50$65.00$50.50
 CSE 2501 Social, Ethical, And Professional Issues In Computing*eText$79.98$22.99$56.99
Electrical and Computer EngineeringECE 2060 Introduction to Digital LogiceText$208.95$24.18$184.77
 ECE 2067 Introduction to Digital Logic Lab for Transfer StudentseText$208.95$24.18$184.77
 ECE 2300 Electrical Circuits and Electronic DeviceseText$208.08$35.00$173.08
 ECE 3010 Introduction to Radio Frequency and Optical EngineeringeText$206.65$38.99$167.66
 ECE 3030 Semiconductor Electronic DeviceseText$246.65$45.99$200.66
 ECE 3090 Technical Writing and PresentationseText$153.32$30.99$122.33
 ECE 3551 Introduction to Feedback Control SystemseText$246.65$45.99$200.66
 ECE 3561 Advanced Digital DesigneText$208.95$24.18$184.77
 ECE 4021 Analog Integrated Circuits I eText$235.95$85.80$150.15
 ECE 5017 Microwave EngineeringeText$241.95$85.80$156.15
 ECE 5460 Image ProcessingeText$186.65$34.99$151.66
 ECE 6010 Electromagnetic Field Theory IeText$250.95$85.80$165.15
EconomicsECON 1100.02 FreakanomicseText$130.66$35.00$95.66
 ECON 2001.01 Principles of Microeconomics (Buser)Courseware$112.00$72.00$40.00
 ECON 2001.01 Principles of Microeconomics (Mirzaie)Courseware$105.00$60.00$45.00
 ECON 2001.01 Principles of Microeconomics (Hartman)Courseware$75.00$59.00$16.00
 ECON 2001.03H Principles of Microeconomics (Hartman)Courseware$75.00$59.00$16.00
 ECON 2002.01 Principles Of Macroeconomics (Buser)Courseware$124.99$90.00$34.99
 ECON 2002.01 Principles of Macroeconomics (Hartman)Courseware$75.00$59.00$16.00
 ECON 2002.03H Principles of Macroeconomics (Hartman)Courseware$75.00$59.00$16.00
 ECON 2002.03H Principles of Macroeconomics (Mirzaie)Courseware$105.00$60.00$45.00
 ECON 4001.01 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Buser)Courseware$119.99$109.99$10.00
 ECON 4200 Money and Banking (Mirzaie)Courseware$99.99$79.99$20.00
 ECON 4300 Government Finance In The American EconomyeText$298.00$35.00$263.00
Evolution, Ecology and Organismal BiologyEEOB 3310.02 Evolution (Hybrid Online)eText$119.25$43.50$75.75
EnglishENGLISH 1110.03 First-Year English Composition (Marion - Oakes)Courseware and 2 eTexts$175.98$69.60$106.38
 ENGLISH 2263 Introduction to Film (Friedman)eText$106.25$31.96$74.29
 ENGLISH 3271 Structure of the English LanguageeText$146.65$30.99$115.66
EngineeringENGR 1182.01 Fundamentals Of Engineering IIeText$78.71$35.00$43.71
 ENGR 1186.01 Fundamentals Of Engineering For Transfer - CADeText$78.71$35.00$43.71
Educational Studies, Educational PsychologyES EPSY 1259 Individual Learning and Motivation: Strategies for Success (all campuses except Marion)eText$199.95$23.24$176.71
 ES EPSY 1259 Individual Learning and Motivation: Strategies for Success (Marion)eText$149.95$28.12$121.83
 ES EPSY 2059 Becoming a Self-Regulated Learner eText$103.36$36.75$66.61
 ES EPSY 2309 Psychological Perspectives on Education (Columbus)Courseware$49.99$35.99$14.00
Food, Agricultural, and Biological EngineeringFABENG 3120 Thermodynamics in Food, Agricultural and Biological EngineeringCourseware$75.00$35.00$40.00
 FABENG 5160 Electronics, Measurement and InstrumentationCourseware$85.00$60.00$25.00
GeographyGEOG 1900 Extreme Weather And Climate (Degrande)eText$193.32$34.99$158.33
 GEOG 2750 World Regional GeographyCourseware$79.99$64.97$15.02
 GEOG 2750H World Regional Geography HonorsCourseware$79.99$64.97$15.02
Human Development and Family ScienceHDFS 2800 Promoting Early Language And Literacy In ECD&EeText$79.99$22.99$57.00
History of ArtHISTART 2001 Western Art I: Ancient and Medieval WorldseText$173.95$29.62$144.33
 HISTART 2002 Western Art II: The Renaissance to the PresenteText$173.95$29.62$144.33
HistoryHISTORY 2001 Launching America (Brooke)eText$60.50$24.00$36.50
 HISTORY 2204 Modern European History (Genova)eText$81.38$49.60$31.78
Human NutritionHMNNTR 2210 Science of Human Nutrition*Courseware$90.00$60.00$30.00
 HMNNTR 2310 Fundamentals of NutritionCourseware$90.00$60.00$30.00
Health and Rehabilitation ScienceHTHRHSC 2500 Medical Terminology for the Health ProfessionsCourseware$90.00$50.63$39.37
Health and Wellness Innovation in HealthcareHWIH 3240 Health Program Planning and EvaluationeText$173.32$34.99$138.33
ItalianITALIAN 1101.03 Italian I BlendedCourseware$150.00$70.00$80.00
 ITALIAN 1101.71 Italian Distance Learning ICourseware$150.00$70.00$80.00
Kinesiology Fitness HealthKNSFHP 1104  Stress Management for the College Student (Columbus)eText$129.95$40.12$89.83
 KNSFHP 1150.01 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Strength TrainingCourseware$130.66$50.00$80.66
 KNSFHP 1150.02 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Cardiovascular Exercise Training (Warner)Courseware$130.66$50.00$80.66
 KNSFHP 1150.02 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Cardiovascular Exercise Training (All other instructors)eText$130.66$35.00$95.66
MathematicsMATH 1050 Precollege Mathematics I (Mansfield, Lima and select Newark sections)Courseware$80.00$57.00$23.00
 MATH 1156 Calculus For The Biological SciencesCourseware$69.99$63.50$6.49
Masters of Business AdministrationMBA 6223 FinanceCourseware$140.00$89.25$50.75
 MBA 6253 Marketing (Landekhovskaya)eText$99.99$75.99$24.00
Mechanical EngineeringMECHENG 4900 Mechanical Engineering Capstone I (Marzette and Meltzer)eText$98.95$25.49$73.46
Medical DieteticsMED DIET 4910 Nutritional Care Process I eText$371.90$100.11$271.79
MicrobiologyMICRBIO 4000.01 Basic And Practical MicrobiologyCourseware$94.99$64.97$30.02
 MICRBIO 4000.02 Basic And Practical MicrobiologyCourseware$94.99$64.97$30.02
Molecular GeneticsMOLGEN 4500 General Genetics (Vaessin)Courseware$99.99$70.49$29.50
 MOLGEN 4500 General Genetics (Booton/Weinstein)Courseware$94.99$64.97$30.02
 MOLGEN 5650 Analysis And Interpretation Of Biological DataCourseware$90.99$68.24$22.75
PhysicsPHYS 1200 Mechanics, Kinematics, Fluids, WavesCourseware$119.99$45.00$74.99
 PHYS 1250 Mechanics, Work and Energy, Thermal PhysicsCourseware$85.00$40.00$45.00
 PHYS 1251 E&M, Waves, Optics, Modern PhysicsCourseware$40.00$20.00$20.00
PhysiologyPHYSIO 3200 Human PhysiologyCourseware$105.00$60.00$45.00
Political SciencePOLITSC 1200 Introduction to Comparative Politics (Columbus - Brooks)eText$100.00$40.00$60.00
 POLITSC 1300 Global Politics*eText$83.75$31.96$51.79
PortuguesePORT 1101.01 Portuguese ICourseware$119.99$38.99$81.00
 PORT 1102 Portuguese IICourseware$119.99$38.99$81.00
 PORT 1103 Portuguese IIICourseware$119.99$38.99$81.00
PsychologyPSYCH 1100 Introduction to Psychology (Columbus)Courseware$65.00$40.00$25.00
 PSYCH 1100 Introduction to Psychology (Mansfield)Courseware$95.00$60.56$34.44
 PSYCH 1100 Introduction to Psychology (Marion)eText$65.00$52.00$13.00
 PSYCH 1100 Introduction to Psychology (Newark - Miser)Courseware$65.00$40.00$25.00
 PSYCH 1100 Introduction to Psychology (Newark - Okdie)eText$169.95$29.24$140.71
 PSYCH 1100H Introduction to Psychology HonorseText$259.99$35.00$224.99
 PSYCH 1100H Introduction to Psychology Honors (Marion)eText$65.00$51.00$14.00
 PSYCH 2220 Data Analysis in Psychology (Columbus)eText$89.99$67.49$22.50
 PSYCH 2220 Data Analysis in Psychology (Newark)eText$189.95$30.74$159.21
 PSYCH 2300 Research Methods In Psychology (Columbus)eText$138.75$51.50$87.25
 PSYCH 2300 Research Methods In Psychology (Marion)eText$189.95$42.74$147.21
 PSYCH 2333 Psychology of Human SexualityCourseware$95.00$60.56$34.44
 PSYCH 2367.01 Social Psychology (Sawicki)eText$125.13$76.13$49.00
 PSYCH 3312 Memory and Cognition (Myung and Meyer)Courseware$80.00$59.00$21.00
 PSYCH 3331 Abnormal Psychology (Columbus)eText$73.33$45.99$27.34
 PSYCH 3331 Abnormal Psychology (Lima)Courseware$95.00$60.56$34.44
 PSYCH 3513 Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience*eText$141.25$60.26$80.99
 PSYCH 3530 Theories of Personality*eText$98.00$59.73$38.27
 PSYCH 4511 Psychological TestingeText$291.33$35.00$256.33
Public AffairsPUBAFRS 2110 Introduction to Public Affairs (Hill)2 eTexts$324.95$81.87$243.08
SociologySOCIOL 1101 Introductory Sociology (Klainot-Hess)eText$73.75$31.46$42.29
 SOCIOL 1101 Introductory Sociology (Lopez)eText$103.00$41.20$61.80
 SOCIOL 3487 Research Methods in Sociology (Martin)eText$149.95$20.62$129.33
Social WorkSOCWORK 1120 Introduction to Social WelfareeText$149.95$20.62$129.33
 SOCWORK 1130 Introduction to Social Work in Contemporary SocietyeText$199.95$36.74$163.21
 SOCWORK 1140 Minority Perspectives: Race, Ethnicity, and GendereText$97.80$38.99$58.81
 SOCWORK 3101 Professional Values and EthicseText$149.95$28.12$121.83
 SOCWORK 3301 Lifespan Development in Social WorkeText$219.99$45.99$174.00
 SOCWORK 3401 Research & Statistics For Understanding Social Work Problems And Diverse PopulationseText$100.00$40.00$60.00
 SOCWORK 3501 Engagement and Interviewing SkillseText$149.95$28.12$121.83
 SOCWORK 3502 Foundations of Generalist PracticeeText$36.67$22.99$13.68
 SOCWORK 3597 Adolescent Parenthood and Sexuality: An International PerspectiveCourseware$95.00$60.56$34.44
 SOCWORK 3600 Introduction to Psychopathology and Social Work PracticeeText$199.95$23.24$176.71
 SOCWORK 4501 Generalist Practice with FamilieseText$149.95$28.12$121.83
 SOCWORK 4502 Generalist Practice with GroupseText$179.99$22.99$157.00
 SOCWORK 4503 Generalist Practice with Larger SystemseText$174.95$29.62$145.33
 SOCWORK 5014 Juvenile Delinquency and Correctional Practice in Social WorkeText$100.00$40.00$60.00
 SOCWORK 5015 Social Work and the LaweText$174.95$26.92$148.03
 SOCWORK 5806 Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Use DisorderseText$98.00$39.20$58.80
 SOCWORK 6301 Social Work Perspectives on DevelopmenteText$110.00$45.99$64.01
 SOCWORK 6501 Engaging and Entering the ProfessioneText$176.99$45.98$131.01
 SOCWORK 7512 Clinical Social Work with Couples and FamilieseText$199.95$31.87$168.08
 SOCWORK 7530 Needs Assessment and Program DesigneText$77.00$38.80$38.20
 SOCWORK 7610 Integrative Seminar I on Aging and HealtheText$61.13$38.99$22.14
 SOCWORK 7621 Integrative Seminar II on Mental Health and Substance AbuseeText$173.32$22.99$150.33
 SOCWORK 7630 Integrated Seminar I on Child and Youth ServiceseText$199.95$33.74$166.21
SpanishSPAN 1101 Spanish ICourseware$119.99$38.99$81.00
 SPAN 1102 Spanish IICourseware$119.99$38.99$81.00
 SPAN 1103.01 Spanish IIICourseware$119.99$38.99$81.00
 SPAN 1155 Intensive Spanish for ReviewCourseware$119.99$38.99$81.00
 SPAN 2202 Spanish IVCourseware$119.99$80.75$39.24
StatisticsSTAT 1350 Elementary Statistics (Columbus)Courseware$89.99$61.49$28.50
 STAT 1430.01 Statistics For The Business Sciences (Columbus)Courseware$99.99$55.00$44.99
 STAT 1430.02 Statistics For The Business Sciences (Columbus)Courseware$99.99$55.00$44.99
 STAT 1450 Introduction To The Practice Of Statistics (Columbus)Courseware$99.99$75.00$24.99
 STAT 2450 Introduction to Statistical Analysis ICourseware$89.99$67.49$22.50
 STAT 2480 Statistics for the Life SciencesCourseware$89.99$67.49$22.50
 STAT 3450 Basic Statistics for EngineersCourseware$100.00$60.00$40.00
 STAT 3470 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for EngineersCourseware$90.00$64.13$25.87
 STAT 4201 Introduction To Mathematical Statistics IeText$186.65$34.99$151.66
 STAT 4202 Introduction To Mathematical Statistics IIeText$186.65$34.99$151.66
 STAT 5301 Intermediate Data Analysis IeText$199.95$31.87$168.08
 STAT 5302 Intermediate Data Analysis IIeText$199.95$31.87$168.08

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