CarmenBooks Courses: Summer 2019

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College OR DepartmentCourseList PriceYou PaySavings
Social WorkSOCWORK 1120 Introduction to Social Welfare$149.95$28.12$121.83
 SOCWORK 1130 Introduction to Social Work in Contemporary Society$199.95$76.82$123.13
 SOCWORK 1140 Minority Perspectives: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender$215.79$58.50$157.29
 SOCWORK 3101 Professional Values and Ethics$208.95$27.74$181.21
 SOCWORK 3597 Adolescent Parenthood & Sexuality: International Perspective$209.95$68.61$141.34
 SOCWORK 7513 Clinical Social Work with Groups  (2 textbooks)$399.90$55.86$344.04
NursingNURSING 6410 Introduction to Health Assessment$102.80$22.10$80.70
BusinessBUSMGT 2320 Decision Sciences: Statistical Techniques$127.20$95.40$31.80
PhysicsPHYSICS 1250 Physics with Calculus$125.00$40.00$85.00

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