CarmenBooks Courses: Summer 2020

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You can preview the discounted rates for course materials in the table below. Please note, not all sections of courses marked with an asterisk (*) are participating.

CourseFormatList PriceYou PaySavings
BIOCHEM 4511 Introduction to Biological ChemistryCourseware$119.99$64.97$55.02
BIOLOGY 1101 Introductory BiologyeText$233.32$38.99$194.33
BIOLOGY 1102 Human BiologyeText$213.32$38.99$174.33
BUSMGT 3230 Introduction to Operations Management: Improving Competitiveness in OrganizationsCourseware$119.99$76.45$43.54
BUSML 3250 Principles of MarketingCourseware$100.00$56.25$43.75
CHEM 1110 Elementary ChemistryCourseware$114.99$64.97$50.02
COMM 2110 Principles of Effective Public SpeakingCourseware$90.00$50.00$40.00
CSE 2111 Modeling and Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and DatabasesCourseware$136.00$65.00$71.00
EEOB 2510 Human AnatomyCourseware$119.99$64.97$55.02
ESEPSY 1259 Individual Learning and Motivation: Strategies for Success in CollegeeText$199.95$23.24$176.71
ITAL 1101.71 Italian Distance Learning ICourseware$150.00$70.00$80.00
KNSFHP 1150.01 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Strength TrainingeText$97.33$35.00$62.33
MBA 6223 FinanceCourseware$140.00$89.25$50.75
MICROBIO 4000.01 Basic and Practical MicrobiologyCourseware$94.99$64.97$30.02
MICROBIO 4000.02 Basic and Practical MicrobiologyCourseware$94.99$64.97$30.02
NURSING 6410 Introduction to Health AssessmenteText$133.32$0.00$133.32
PHYS 1250 Mechanics, Work and Energy, Thermal PhysicsCourseware$125.00$40.00$85.00
PHYS 1251 E&M, Waves, Optics, Modern PhysicsCourseware$125.00$20.00$105.00
PSYCH 1100 Introduction to Psychology (Columbus)Courseware$65.00$40.00$25.00
PSYCH 1100 Introduction to Psychology (Mansfield)Courseware$95.00$60.56$34.44
PSYCH 2220 Data Analysis in PsychologyeText$200.99$35.00$165.99
SOCWORK 1120 Introduction to Social WelfareeText$149.95$20.62$129.33
SOCWORK 1130 Introduction to Social Work in Contemporary SocietyeText$199.95$36.74$163.21
SOCWORK 1140 Minority Perspectives: Race, Ethnicity and GendereText$97.80$38.99$58.81
SOCWORK 3101 Professional Values and EthicseText$149.95$28.12$121.83
SOCWORK 3597 Adolescent Parenthood and Sexuality: An International PerspectiveCourseware$95.00$60.56$34.44
SOCWORK 3600 Introduction to Psychopathology and Social Work PracticeeText$199.95$23.24$176.71
SOCWORK 5014 Juvenile Delinquency and Correctional Practice in Social WorkeText$102.00$40.80$61.20
SOCWORK 5806 Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Use DisorderseText$98.00$39.20$58.80
SOCWORK 6501 Engaging and Entering the ProfessioneText (2)$176.99$45.98$131.01
SOCWORK 7513 Clinical Social Work with GroupseText (2)$399.90$67.86$332.04
SOCWORK 7530 Needs Assessment and Program DesigneText$77.00$30.80$46.20
SOCWORK 7621 Integrative Seminar II on Mental Health and Substance AbuseeText$173.33$22.99$150.34
SOCWORK 7630 Integrated Seminar I on Child and Youth ServiceseText$199.95$33.74$166.21
STAT 2450 Introduction to Statistical Analysis ICourseware$90.00$67.50$22.50

*Not all class sections are participating.

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