Clayton Funk

ODEE Book Launch Program
Project highlights:Book will serve as an interactive supplement to existing open course content for Arts Administration, Education, and Policy (AAEP) 1600Will provide interactive learning activities for students challenging typical learningWill utilize audio and video media in project-based lessonsAllows for assessment of student progress through multiple-choice quizzesWider impact:Mainly to be used by first and second year undergraduate students enrolled in AAEP 1600, across academic disciplines at Ohio StateWill impact about 600-700 students per semester, as well as 150 online students over the seven-week summer courseGuided image interactives and self-assessment will support the analysis of visual and musical forms, as well as facilitate reflection on students’ learningWill provide an updated, more engaging format for the course when offered onlineFirst goal toward providing completely open content for the course
Arts and Sciences
Arts Administration, Education and Policy