Top Courses

How do we help large numbers of students, quickly build faculty champions and build momentum for the future? By placing emphasis on our largest enrollment courses and those with the highest cost of materials. Implementing open and affordable learning materials here can make a big difference.
Below are the top 20 courses (by enrollment) at Ohio State, the required or recommended textbook, if the course requires an *access code, the price for the materials and a possible alternative option. Note: We realize that the possible options listed may not fit your needs, but they are a great starting point for your investigation into affordable alternatives.
Many of these open resources can be used in part or in whole. That's the great thing about openly licensed content (depending on license): Choose the parts of it that are appropriate for your course, remix, rewrite, and reorganize. Take what you need, leave what you don't, and create a custom learning resource that fits the way you teach.




Chem 1210General Chem 1264012200Chemistry: Central Science (Custom)YY$267Chemistry 
Math 1151Calculus 1243212160Calculus for Science and EngineeringYY (Math Lab)$129Calculus-Based Physics 
Econ 2001.01Prin Microeconomics20906270Principles of MicroeconomicsYN$118Principles of Microeconomics 
Psych 1100Intro Psychology19785934Discovering Psychology 1100 PackageYN$86Psychology 
English 111.01First-Yr Engl Comp15104530Writing Analytically with Mind Tap codeYY$82English 1 Composition 
Physics 1250Mech, Thermo, Waves14927460Physics for Science and EngineersYY$164Engineering Physics 
Chem 2510Organic Chem 1 14415764Chemistry: Central Science (Custom)YY$267The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry 
BusAdm 1100Bus Survey14061406    Exploring Business
Econ 2002.01Prin Macroeconomic12513753Principles of MacroeconomicsYN (not required)$118Principles of Macroeconomics
Biology 1113Energy Transfr&Dvl12154860Biology 1113/1113H Lab ManualYN (not required)$36.90Biology 
Sociology 1101Intro Sociology11913573Discover SociologyYN (not required)$93Introduction to Sociology 
Stat 1350Elementary Stats10903270Statistics: Concepts & ControversiesYN (not required)$101Introdcutory Statistics
Math 1148College Algebra10524208Precalculus: Math for CalculusYN$125Precalculus
BusFin 3220Business Finance10203060    Finance
BusMhr 2000Intro Internat Bus10151522.5Global Business TodayYY$122International Business 
BusMgt 3230 Intro to Ops Mgt9872961     
BusMgt 2320Bus Statistics9792937    Principles of Business Statistics
HumnNtr 2210Sci Hum Nutrition9632889Wardlaw's Contemporary NutritionYY$113 
BusML 3380Logistics Mgmt9591438.5Contemporary LogisticsYN$264 
AcctMis 2200Intro to Acct 19192757Accounting: Tools for Business Decision MakingRecommendedN$233Introduction to Financial Accounting
Stat 1430Stat Business Sci9173668Practice of Statistics for Business and EconomicsRecommendedNo access code, but comes with CD


Biology 1101Intro Biology7913164What is life with LaunchpadYUnknown$130Biology
Math 1172Eng Math A7543770My Math Lab Access Semister #2- required; textbook: Calculus- recommendedRequired, RecommendedY$40 for access code; $116 for bookA Gentle Introduction to the Art of Mathematics
Physics 1200Mech, Fluids, Waves7354675Physics for Science and EngineersYY$164Calculus-Based Physics
Chem 1220General Chem 27323660Chemistry: Central Science (Custom)YN$267General Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications

Did we miss something? Let us know if you know of or use a great open or low-cost alternative to the resources above. 

*An access code is a password used by some book publishers that gives students access to online content like course work, practice exam questions and videos. Sometimes referred to as a “homework portal,” these codes can be just as pricey as textbooks.