Bed Bugs: Biology, Prevention, and Control

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Apple iBook

This book is intended to provide students, staff and the general public with an educational, multi-media introduction to this emerging public health pest. This extension education resource provides a blended learning experience that combines text, images, video and interactive elements which enable readers to explore key information about bed bugs in a new and engaging way. Through exploring this book readers will learn the history of bed bugs, how to distinguish them from other common pests, important prevention strategies and effective integrated pest management control practices. 

Book Features 

  • View and listen to learning objectives intended to focus the reader’s attention on essential information about bed bugs.
  • Listen to text narration as you read along with each page.
  • Explore engaging, interactive features on bed bug identification, life cycle, history and control practices.
  • Identify bed bugs and other common pests using interactive image galleries.  
  • Access the interactive glossary explaining terms and concepts at the touch of a finger, without having to leave each page. 
  • Highlight, underline and take notes directly on the book’s pages.
  • Flip through study cards that integrate your notes with the book’s glossary to test your knowledge of bed bugs. 
  • Explore links to comprehensive, online sources of information about bed bug biology, prevention, and control.
Publication Date: 
April 15, 2014