Microbiology 4000

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This interactive Microbiology 4000 Laboratory Manual is intended for undergraduate, non-microbiology majors, pre-health students and students continuing into other professional studies. The lab manual provides students with a solid introductory background to basic microbiology laboratory techniques and touches on many important areas of microbiology. It provides laboratory safety instructions and procedures, videos that teach the students about how to perform typical microbiology laboratory techniques along with supplementary images, tables and diagrams. Students will be able to write notes and answer questions directly in the book by taking advantage of the Notes feature and record lab results and observations directly into interactive tables. Review and Critical Thinking questions are added at the end of each exercise and laboratory period for students to test their knowledge of the topics covered.


Book Features 

  • View learning objectives to focus on important information in each exercise.
  • Use the interactive glossary to view definitions without having to leave each page. 
  • Highlight, underline, and take notes directly on the book’s pages.
  • Flip through study cards that integrate your notes with the book’s glossary to help study for quizzes and tests. 
  • Explore links to online resources to enhance your understanding and knowledge of microbiology.
  • Watch videos of microbiology procedures and techniques to increase your competency in the lab.
  • Easily navigate among pages using the interactive Table of Contents, Bookmarks and links to Recently Viewed Pages.
  • Easy access to Pre-lab Worksheets, Quizzes and other course information on Carmen.
Life Sciences, Microbiology
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January 5, 2015